Points of Consideration

Tonight on election eve, it seems we have some things to think about in the US.  This is how my side sees it.  It wouldn’t be my side if I didn’t tend to agree, ya know?

Beau Belle Tower - Under The Same Moon

Points of Consideration
by Michael Romani

Discussing issues in commiseration
There seems to be points of consideration
That need to have a moment's reflection
As our country chooses it's direction

Should tradition and cultural achievement
Give way to the erosion of aggrievement?
Are we to be a nation of considered unity
Or one trapped in struggles of identity?

For me, it is best that we work together
I fail to see how being victims is better
And while I know that we all could complain
How does that make things better and ease pain?

Then there are issues of diversity and voice
Progressives seem to value stratification over choice
A free market of ideas is needed for our nation
But progressives trample free speech without explanation

This pains me as the Left has lost its dissenting voice
And no longer cares to fight for the right of choice
Trampling choices of education and health care
And God forbid we should want our God to be there

In my life as best that I might justly recall
There has seldom been any occasion when one size fits all
But this is the stifling bit of progressive conformity
And it's quite maddening that they don't see its enormity

It is in direction contradiction to all that is our nation
And to all that most or many of us have held dedication
This is the land of freedom and it seems that they forget
Their own struggle to be heard and will one day regret

Progressives have forgotten the part of We the People
And have instead turned bureaucracy into a sort of steeple
In which special rights overcome rights of individuality
Seemingly forgetting the readily evident eventuality

If we are imposed on by from the top down on all these matters
Our republic will eventually rupture into a thousand tatters
As We the People come to revolt against this masked tyranny
Or worse yet the crazy ravings of believers in anarchy

(c) November 5, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Beau Belle Tower - Moonshine Over Beau Belle Tower




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