An Actor’s Creation

Acting like writing like playing a musical instrument is a creative act and in so creating some begin to believe a little more about themselves than they should.  This isn’t to say that what they’ve created in mimicry shouldn’t be admired.  It’s only to say it’s not the real that they’ve created, just the something other…

The Anthropic Principle - The Sharpness of A Balancing Act

An Actor's Creation
by Michael Romani

An actor acts
In make believe
Whether in happiness
Or, in a moment's grace
But, beyond this make believe
An actor creates and conceives
Making real from nothing at all
Reliving moments and emotions
Based on the actor's recall
Bring both peace and commotion
Actors make this as love
And then like a lover let go
Because that's what is love
To create and then let go

(c) November 22, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Marvelous Moomintoog Circus - Juggled Act






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