A Hero’s Legacy

Indelible character is a rarity.  George H. Bush was just such a man of noble character.  I didn’t always agree with him.  Do know that he lost my vote once.  But, never my belief that he is and was the epitome of what a good man should seek to become.  I, also, know that if I had that vote to do again, I would have voted for him.

A Hero's Legacy
by Michael Romani

On a bed of unconditional love
A hero built his legacy
Offering a life of service to all
But especially to God, his nation and family

His life lived with honor and decency
His kind life shining in its sincerity
Like a modern knight ceaseless in dedication
Giving his all in every way of advocation

A thousand point of light went dim today
As a bell rang ushering an angel on his way
His life's journey traveled hand in hand
With Barbara, unafraid to gently take a stand

Presiding competently and with dignity
He oversaw the changes bringing a new century
All lived humbly as a public servant does
Steady as she goes looking forward not at was

The collapse of the Soviet Union ending the cold war
Reining in Saddam and the other tyrants as his score
His skill in overseeing these things so quietly
Belayed the truth we all whisper about with certainty

That another man may well have created chaos in all this
It's certain that in the end we will all dearly miss
George H. Bush, servant to his nation and humble in soul
You will be a goodly angel now that that has become your role

(c) December 5, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved






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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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