Clever As Your Dreams

Does anyone else remember going to the circus as a kid?  I think that was one of those memories for me that will live forever.  It was shocking to me later to find out that some were afraid of clowns.  To me?  The circus has always been a magical place of mystery.

Circus of Fire and Light - Fire Dancer

Clever As Your Dreams
by Michael Romani

In all the moments we have been waiting for
The show starts with thunder and a bit more
Surrendering to the tingle of the feeling
Our heads explode and we're reeling

Three ring circus of mad passion
Legends out of time and never out of fashion
It's all we'll ever want and need
The echoes from yesterday loudly plead

Do you remember, lessons in etiquette
All the times you laughed, never to forget
There in the slap backhand for sure
Was the sting we couldn't bare to endure

Closed eyes, we hold onto dreams
Crazy as the colors of a thousand scenes
Take my hand, I'll walk you there
With every feeling felt, so sincere

It's our world all in it's making
Walking in integrity, we were not mistaking
In every step, we are not shaken
Here in the haunt of dreams forsaken

We held onto yesterday on the wings of tomorrow
Cherishing the happiness bought with our sorrow
Every sip of your divinity slips inside of me
As real as the moon and as sweet as our fantasy

Brought together there on our rooftop dancing
Waltzed into the reactions of our sweet romancing
As long as it is that I can hold onto you
And you, you will hold onto me now, too

(c) December 29, 2018    Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Marvelous Moomintoog Circus -To Light The Night




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