Jenny Lind

P. T. Barnum once said something like the greatest art is the art of making people happy.  Personally, I think he was really onto something with this.  Then again, as the child that I’ve always been, I’ve always loved a good circus some and happiness for others a lot…

The Rose Theatre - Isabella Rumsford Sings Opera

Jenny Lind
by Michael Romani

The opera singer, Jenny Lind
The real and not the pretend
Of that top shelf singer
Always the earnest bell ringer

She knows a scoundrel of self promotion
But also recognizes a sincere devotion
Her reputation exceeds the showman's taste
Unwise decisions are often made in haste

With the voice of a nightingale
She has the heart of an angel as well
He'll be the sham offering the real deal
In this crazy truth of a tale

No longer hoodwinked but sealed
He gives some beauty as is revealed
To the shore of America in legitimacy
Thus begins the zeal of his legacy

Stepped into an American spotlight
She holds her breath into the night
There in the sparkle of the lights shine
Hearts and voices are enough to entwine

Tied into the something devine
Scandals based on the nothing that is thine
Her voice fills the chill of the night's air
It is enough to share and to maybe care

AS the crowd rises to it's tired feet
In applause, this start to greet
Heartless critics are better on the page
That lacks the imagination found on stage

Wealth and privilege has its limits
But, the show isn't caged within it
With courage and dreams to rise above station
Only the heart sets its destination

This is the song this nightingale sings
Bringing the dare to bring what it brings
Broken parts bring their own sense of shame
Yet, there is a place for all in this game 

(c) December 29, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Oceana Ballroom and Winter  Wonderland -  Operatic Winter Pagoda





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