Samson II

Based in part on the Book of Judges:

Temple Beth Shalom of Hikari - Blurred Torah

Samson II
by Michael Romani

A time it was that had come
When the Philistines of Gaza had plenty
But, God's children had next to none
Save the for when the evil vault they would empty

The Children of God forced to plunder
Resisting the tyranny they were under
Samson  was a Hebrew born to fight
Fight for all that was good and all that was right

The eyes of Baal were upon them all
Until the almighty God, they did recall
Samson raided a little to feed a lot
To preserve God's holy ways least they be forgot

With raised hands, the Hebrew pled and cried
Praying for a mercy from the falsely deified
Wishing only to not to hunger and be friends
But, by the swords of the Philistines, each met their end

In this wicked, cruel sense of heathen mercy
They would no longer hunger in death's heresy
For this then is the humble slave's lot
Especially when they've turned from God and forgot

The sun sets on the crest of a desert hill
While some still pray on seeking God's pure will
The time was to this in this approaching hour
When God's gift to Samson would spring into power 

(c) January 13, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Temple Beth Shalom of Hikari -Sharpened Eternal






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