Flying Solo

Since mankind began, there has been the hero’s journey.  A man starts with just his dreams and builds his world or fails.  Those with heart prevail.  That then is the trick to this tale.

Lutz City of Templemore - Some Things Don't Require A Tether To Be Trusted....

Flying Solo
by Michael Romani

Long ago and not so faraway
Crime ran wild as it does today
Vile syndicates offered protection
Forcing the weak to live in connection

On the streets, a fight for survival
Awaits a young man in his arrival
Yearning to fly free among the stars
But, in that moment, the dreams seem far

But, not too far, for certain kind of man
That will steal and deal his way if he can
These kinds of dreams require the will to survive
And to keep at them steady until they arrive

Nothing comes easy and nothing is free
No excuses will do to keep his dignity
Never one to be beaten down to his knees
The boy becomes a man with strength as his keys

Joyride escapes into the dark of the night
Pushing toward freedom with all of his might
Full speed ahead into this hard fight
Rebelling against the kick-around; never losing sight

The soul that will not be conquered too easy
Will find its own way to become and be free
Clinging tight to the luck of self rolled dice
His determined heart does not fall back on advice

At least, not the advice that tells him only no
And that resistance is futile; it's not when you're solo
Alone escaping a world filled with dirt and grime
This dreamer would succeed in flying in not time

Finding friends and kinship along the way
As he lives on to fight yet another day
An escape is made with his will to live free
There into the arms of like minded company

Instincts heard soar and roar like a power chord
Remembered self promises cut like a sword
Everybody find that they need their somebody
And so a band of thieves become his chosen family

(c)  January 20, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Lutz City of Templemore -Ohhh.. A Balloon Got Away!!




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