Samson (XI)

Continuing in a series of poems depicting the story of Samson and Delilah as told in the Book of Judges:

Home, Sweet, Home - When In Rome...

Samson (XI)
by Michael Romani

Staying their course, steady to fight
For their land and what is right
Even if Samson proclaimed he wouldn't
The Hebrews stood firm, even when he couldn't

Believers in God's promises of a home
The Jews knew that they were not alone
Not had their God ever forsaken them
They would have their promised land again

Samson felt he was done with failing
Certain that God was no longer willing
But, the men of Zion, needed him to lead
And to take example from his noble deeds

Certain death was not the best direction
Samson felt himself to be following God's correction
And instead chose Delilah as his loving pursuit
While she, a Philistine, beguiled her brute

Quietly romancing as they playfully walked
Exchanging lovers pleasantries as they talked
Samson slowly revealed his points of weakness
And Delilah listened in her half feigned meekness

Whispers of bindings that could tie him
To be ordinary and subject to her every whim
Gazing with love, she listens to his surrender
Receiving this and knowing his heart as tender

Still, she knew he would never be ordinary
This man, Samson,  was a man born extraordinary
And though she was there as the Prince's snare
She found herself slipping into honest care

For this man after all was not her people's enemy
Just a humble servant of his people and their legacy
The Prince saw her desires and wish to be free
He barks out a warning of consequence, ever so sternly

(c) January 24, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - To Cur With Love




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