Sweet Talk

For the first time in 160 years,  those tiny little conversation hearts will not be available for Valentine’s Day.  There’s something tragic in that.  Still, the relief is that they’ll be back in 2020.

Emerald Caverns -Framed In A Lit Candy Heart of Love

Sweet Talk
by Michael Romani

Sit down now please
I don't mean to tease
But, there's something tragic
A temporary loss of magic

Slow shock
Sweet talk
Conversation start
There on a candy heart

But they won't be there
Nor this year anywhere
To ask if you'll be mine
My darling, precious Valentine

Won't you be mine
Be my Valentine
We walk this line

This line of true love
From God above
No push, no shove
Talking about true love

Kiss me
Miss me
There in this assortment
Is the question of what's meant

Be good
Like you know you should
Spice it up and start
Memories made by candy hearts

Spice it up, sugar pie
Feel the heart cry
As the top chef skips a year
Melt my heart with no more tears

(c) January 24, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Snuggles - Valentine's 2017 -  Sharpened Tapestry of Love





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