An Informational Confession

The old adage is that information is power.  In today’s reiteration of perhaps too, too much information out there, I believe it’s time we modify this.  Clarity is power.

Lichtbringer -  Atomistic Revelation

An Informational Confession
by Michael Romani

Here then in this present age
We most need wisdom of a sage
To undo all the bits that cluster
And confuse, causing us to fluster

All  to find the way and rhyme
That makes sense of our time
But with all this complexity
It's hard to focus on that singularity

That makes an atom's difference
In all the things that we reference
It was once the thought of the hour
That knowledge is the source of power

I say now in this informational age
That we need more to perhaps presage
What I believe with in all integrity 
Is what makes power now is clarity

A series of lessons for the 21st century
Given to us with all  earnest sincerity 
Is first of all and simply just because
Big data has come and is watching us

Deluged by the extreme prevalence
Of so very much lacking in relevance
It's hard to claim we have any precision
When seeking to find true clear vision

Of what will be the future of humanity
More often seen like a thing of calamity
And there is the pressure of inference
That one false move will have consequence

You see these pressures boiling over here
There, and really just about everywhere
People yelling not listening and doubting
Leading to polarization and more shouting

If we are going to build a world into better
We'll have to learn to do this together
And maybe, yes, maybe that's not fair?
But then who said it was and who cares?

It's less about fair and more about clarity
If we're to make more of this human history
Than just the muck we so far live
And will to look at mistakes made and forgive

(c)  January 27, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Last Harbor -  Sfera Atomi Ridotta




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