Samson (XII)

Bringing the series to it’s conclusion.  This then provides a bit of a nexus with King David and I think also how it interrelates with the very life of Jesus.  The finale of the retelling of Samson and Delilah, as originally set out in The Book of Judges:

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Samson (XII)
by Michael Romani


Blinded and dragged before the throne
Samson knew he was not on his own
Though he stood in utter humiliation
Samson knew this was not his final destination

To the castle pillars he was chained
Beaten with lashes and openly disdained
He prayed for the Lord's strength on last time
Knowing he had to make Dagon pay for his crimes

Filled with the surge of God's great power
Samson pushed apart the pillars in this hour
In doing this, the Philistines would pay
There on this microcosm of judgment day

Statues and castles brought crashing down
And the prophecy was fulfilled by God's crown
Though tragically, the Israelis would mourn his death
With this price came the victory of God's breath

Time and again would come the battle for the Promised Land
Dagon's Philistines came against Jews under God's command
Until the battle in earnest that mighty Samson had begun
By the shepherd king, David, was at last won.

(c) January 27, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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