Hope Over Fear

Based in part on 2 Peter 1:4:

Water Edge Town - New Life Christian Fellowship - Hope Too

Hope Over Fear
by Michael Romani

Precious promises hold the key
To the divine nature in you and me
Each of these bringing comfort to our souls
And in our worse moments, these console

In our best, we find our happiness
Knowing our blessings as God's recipients
Facing our trials in our every day
God remains with us in every way

Promises made for our miracles walk
That bring us courage beyond our talk
From times that challenge rising from regret
To the best of times, we'll never forget

Heirs of the promises read in His will
Step by step we live as these reveal
The faith that calls on us to be more
Abundant in our pilgrimage to restore

In Genesis, God spoke then proved his reliability
Shone in greatness to his fullest capability
Demonstrating at once the wonder of His majesty
Conducting endless joy as His believers' legacy

For just as He spoke, it came to be
As the Lord of heavens, it came as a certainty
Faith comes as we believed it would
All in His name and for our good

His promises are not written on sand
As His humble servants we understand
His resolution is as firm as granite
God in His ways is unchanging and infinite

Seeing beginning to end, He is no shifting shadow
But the promise keeper with an endless flow
No broken promises ever as part of His legacy
For the keepers of faith in all of our dignity

There is the deepest value in our honesty
A life well lived requires complete integrity
So then on God's promises we do greatly rely
Building our lives humble upon His reply

Choosing hope over our moments of anxiety
We move toward the simple over complexity
It's simply a matter of hope over fear
Putting our trust in God to persevere

(c) February 1, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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