Thought For the Day: Murder Is Murder; Every Undocumented Infant Deserves A Chance At the American Dream

“Please stop killing undocumented infants who are trying to cross the border of the birth canal in hopes of a better life. Every undocumented infant deserves a chance at the American dream.” – Matt Walsh

Reproductive rights, my tush.  If you want to claim that you’re for women’s rights, isn’t it time to protect the weakest in our nation – our unborn children.   If memory serves me correctly, more unborn little girls are murdered than little boys.  Talking about the most fundamental right of these little girls, their right at a chance at life…

Murder is murder.  Even with the more stringent version of this genocide more unborn children have been slaughtered for mere convenience than soldiers have died in our wars since, if memory serves correctly WW2.

Incidentally, the number one reason by far cited by those deciding to kill their children isn’t health.  And it isn’t rape.  And it isn’t incest.  And it isn’t the life of the mother.  It’s convenience wrapped up in the nebulous wording of a woman’s quality of life.  I don’t know anyone whose quality of life is increased by choosing to murder another life, especially one’s offspring.  Moreover, study after study shows that these convenience killings by and large have more negative sides to these than positives.

So, really let’s talk truth about this issue, shall we?

A fellow blogger that I respect made the point that God must be crying at this injustice.  I could not agree more.  What we reap, we will sow.  And that the Catholic church and/or any Protestant and/or Orthodox church or any of its members stands by without speaking against this outrage begs me to question their familiarity with the Bible’s teachings.  More than that, it goes against every Christian teaching about the paramount sacred nature of life itself.

In a direct message to a certain cardinal in New York…..



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