The Dissolution of Liberal Democracy

Not so long ago, it was announced with great fanfare that history had ended and Liberal Democracy had won.  The globalists believed there was no most struggle and that it made little difference with we made microchips or potato chips.

I am fairly certain that most folks know where I stand on that whole thing.  This a look at that. If you don’t, let me sum this up as the founding principles of the United States are the cornerstone of any real progress for the liberty of all mankind.  It may be called ‘conservative’ by progressives en large and sure some on the conservative side even allow that misnomer to apply.  Reality?  This is the only real liberalism, classical liberalism.

What is called liberalism today is as regressive as it comes.  It’s harkens back to the days when we the People were but vassals.  Progressives have now shown their true faces in their renewed call to arm to disarm the People and to encourage the wanton killing of innocent lives for the sake of convenience.  Only by adhering to moral courage and instilling republic values such as virtue in our children will we ever reclaim our land to the greatness it once was and can and should be again.

Memorial Day 2014 - Flags

The Dissolution of Liberal Democracy
by Michael Romani

Communism, fascism and liberal democracy
Fought to become the rule of the 20th Century
In the end, there was one voice left standing
Like a global mantra that was left commanding

Bringing a tiny elite rising to the top
It was thought the march of globalism wouldn't stop
It seemed preordained as a sort of modern theocracy
Suddenly its become that we need a new way to gauge reality

To the elite, Trump and Brexit spell the end
Doubting Thomases believe civilization is pretend
This is failing is made worse by the internet's disruption
It's become an algorithm of massive interruption

Transformed from killing mosquitos to killing thought
The world changes through the technology we had sought
All of this entrusted to toolmakers poor at seeking wisdom
Neophytes unready for the all the more to come

Ordinary people sense that the world has passed them by
While political leaders shake their heads wondering why
What was once touted as the triumphant age of the ordinary
Has transformed over night into the extraordinary

In the TED talk world of media's mass exploitation
The people have become self aware of their manipulations
As they cannot ignore the pervasive mounds of evidence
That the ordinary people have increasing irrelevance

Here lies the crux of the overwhelming shatter of confidence
There in that struggle between progressive panic and Providence
Here we are again perched at that disruptive confluence
Where we endure a crisis in liberal democracy's influence

A Franz Ferdinand moment brought on that first great war
Where power politics wanted for greed and all the more
In a savagery of brutal, kid's gloves off imperialism
The Great Powers sliced and diced through liberalism

And with greater price than had been ever sought
A new world order arose at the price for which it was bought
Promises of freedom and peace were feigned into fascism
Which in its turn brought Che Guevara's communism

Still in the end it was supermarket liberalism
And not the gulag that won the battle over this foul 'ism
Supple and dynamic liberalism adapted to greater equality
And in so conceding kept its conceptions of liberty

But now the days are approaching when all of this in question
The elite globalists are ready to pull the plug without hesitation
The people they say are not capable of handling today's issues
And if you cling to liberty, well, they offer us tissues 

(c)  February 2, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Warburg - Decline of Liberty





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