Let’s Be Nerds Together

I was watching something transpire and as it happened it occurred to me… sometimes there’s that ideal match.  You might be superstars who find each other and shine on.  Or, as more usually the case in the world of the tragically cool, you burst into flames and there’s no more forever.  On the other hand when two people find their shine despite being total nerds.. I mean is there anything cooler than that?  I think not.

Geeks n Nerds - Outside Looking In

Let's Be Nerds Together
by Michael Romani

If I'm a nerd
And you're a nerd
Maybe at a word
We could be nerds together?

Because your kind of nerd
Is my kind of nerd
Just say the word
And we'll make it better

We only have one chance
We only get this dance
I'll take the stance
And live life's circumstance

I'll live it with you
If you say it's true
That love is life and life is love
Wishing on miracles from above

Being brave enough
To be just that tough
And live each moment we live
Giving it all that we can give

If I'm a nerd
And you're a nerd
Maybe it's just a word
And we belong together?

(c)  January 3, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Avra Orbital Habitat - Cosmic Attraction





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