Letter To A Friend

I was thinking on something earlier.  Sadly, I often do that.  Think.   Doesn’t always pay off well.  This time maybe it did.

Artic Express -  Ten Letters For Love of My Life?.... Ally Romani

Letter To A Friend
by Michael Romani

The world can be a cruel place
He says with a well meaning face
This world swallows up the innocent
Without meaning to be so proficient

You get one life to make it right
You need to decide how to spend it
Take it serious or take it light
In the end, it's you who'll defend it

You live it in full compliance
Or choose to walk the path of self-reliance
The choice is truly up to you
In how you'll face everything you'll do

It may seem at times beyond detection
But there's no better time for reflection
This is when you gain true self-respect
And what's right to do and what to neglect

It's a game played inside your mind
One that allows you to leave madness behind
I've been watching you wish on a star
And I believe in you to become just who you are

(c) February 3, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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