Broken Sparrow Down

A few couplets were spotted dancing across the page….Dedicated to those who recognize that suicide is among the top reasons for death in the United States and work so diligently to lower these numbers and give up to the tired, weary and hopelessly forlorn.

LEA10:  Metamofaces -  A Girl In the Window

Broken Sparrow Down
by Michael Romani

All the broken sparrows
That never learned to fly

Lay shattered in the narrow
Never knowing quite why

All the good intentions
That never quite worked out

Defying all conventions
Truly tossed about

Dreamers dream tomorrow
Wanting to believe it somehow

In the happiness we borrow
Laying on the sidewalk right now

it was a longer way to the top
She said before falling down

I, myself, never wanted to stop
But, I was just her clown

The shattered glass around the body
Tells a story that I won't tell

Blue flowers now given to nobody
One last broken angel straight to Hell

(c)  February 9, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Broken Dreams Project - Angels Weep For Children Lost




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