Finding My Way Home

Based in part on Joshua 5:

Freedom Gospel Church

Finding My Way Home
by Michael Romani

Finding peace in all my trouble
Hurrying along on the double
Knowing that God is on my side
Dwelling in this absent pride

Hard times sometime come and go
Like Gigal overwhelmed by the flow
Full gospel road on the stumble
Not looking too uptight or ready to rumble

Just looking for heart to call home
Felt like a family and never alone
God believers who follow the Word
All barriers crossed and demurred

I seek only to dwell in the Lord's place
Kept safe and loved in His embrace
I see Him there in that every face
That look of God despite affliction's trace

Unseen and seen heading toward eternal
Praising the Lord as I walk from the infernal
May my new family help me to always walk
And keep my actions right with my talk

Having traveled through my wilderness of pain
Having had moments of feeling insane
My courage had failed and losing my heart
I am finding my way back to my start

I circumcise my heart back to its purity
Not wanting to diminish this great legacy
Pairing my soul with Heaven for what comes
Taking my right part for the Holy Kingdom

Favored by the Lord despite my circumstance
I will fight my way through this happenstance
As an opportunity of process in learning trust
I do these things as I know that I truly must

Despite this pain, it is for God's great glory
And I am but a simple man as part of the story
Anointed in my brokenness I will sparkle bright
Taking this all in by His holy truth and light

All of this struggle burns hot with the friction
Finding myself judged by words of another's fiction
I hold my head high despite this ungodly depiction
But know that I'll have victory over this infliction

This I know with all of my best determination
I known that I'm still His despite my incrimination
Living on the Bread of Life and not feeling hungry
I wish to stand beyond reproach as my destiny

I will not stick my past in front of my future
But will work on the best me that I can nurture
Not living in the past in things that were cast
But moving ever toward that best that can last

Storied Gigal had its moments and now so do I
Answering the Lord's high call in my reply
That something that is earthly dies away
And the spiritual me is what is best and will stay

As with Jericho in all of it's crumbling walls
I too have had my pride take it's fated fall
And now I am in a moment praying at the well
Quietly standing firm in telling my truth of tale

(c)  February 10, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Freedom Gospel Church - Is There One In Need of Repentance?  Me...





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