Memory of Fireworks Haiku

I keep stumbling around trying to catch up with this whole Milkwood Poem of a Day event.  Mainly, it seems that when bits and pieces are done out of sequence, it confuses me to where to go from there.  With that in mind, rather than just refer to the PAD for February 2nd for Ground Hog’s Day, it seems just as reasonable to write another Haiku and use ‘fireworks’ as the word prompt.

A Haiku, of course, is a traditional style of Japanese poetry formed with the lines being 5-7-5.  This in mind and keeping it simple tonight…

Home, Sweet, Home2 - Tiggy Experiments With  Particles In Blue and Purple

Old Memory of Fireworks
by Michael Romani

Looking past I see
Old memory of fireworks
Makes me have to smile

Filled with bright laughter
As colors exploded in air
Summertime ended soon

Fading into chill
It seems we lost our love's will
One of us lingers

The other, long gone
No longer can understand
The hurt left behind

Gratitude in heart
I cherish all the past
But know it is gone

Closing my old eyes
I let go of the sweet dream
Wishing you safe paths

(c) February 11, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home  -Particles Over Rio I




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