We Who Would Be Gods

Some folks believe that we stand on the verge of a merger between man, machine and artificial intelligence.  They espouse this prerogative as a next step in the evolution of mankind.  Intriguing isn’t it?   Some easily evident pluses.  A lot of easily evident negatives.  As I watch more people communing more time with their cellphones, laptops and other devices than with other humans who are at least in title significant to them, I have to wonder if it’s already happening and where it will lead.  As first bite of this particular temptation, I offer:

Mourningstar - Twist of Strings From the Hand of God

We Who Would Be Gods
by Michael Romani

Who would be like gods
Who should be gods
Who have killed all other gods
Before us as lame
As we establish our own name
We find ourselves as ready
Certain that we are steady
In our aim to
Become as gods
The gods we have defeated
And in doing so unseated
The forces of nature
Seizing control as we mature
Into our next steps of evolution
In our third millennium revolution
Molding our own destiny
Forging the links to our legacy
So that...
AS a natural cause of fact
Who would be gods
Become the we
Who will be like gods
To all those remnants of humanity
Who refused to evolve in their integrity
And demand to be seen as superior
Until we are ourselves become inferior
Until our children
That we have created
Grow stronger than our sin
And like all such children
No longer kept in our discipline
They in turn kill us
Just as it is and just because
It is the way of our history
It is our bequest and our legacy

(c)  February 11, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Anon - Halatosis

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