Dream Big Ghazal

Poem A Day #4 is to be of the Ghazal poetry form.

Ghazals were originally popularized and written by such notables as Rumi and Hafiz of Persia.  Through the influence of Goethe (1749–1832), the ghazal became very popular in Germany during the 19th century and spread throughout Western culture.


“A ghazal is composed of couplets, five or more. The couplets may have nothing to do with one another except for the formal unity derived from a strict rhyme and rhythm pattern.

Traditionally, the ghazal consists of five to fifteen couplets, typically seven. A refrain (a repeated word or phrase) appears at the end of both lines of the first couplet and at the end of the second line in each succeeding couplet.

One or more words before the refrain are rhymes or partial rhymes. The lines should be of approximately the same length and meter.

The poet may use the final couplet as a signature couplet, using his or her name in first, second or third person, and giving a more direct declaration of thought or feeling to the reader.”

Clear as mud now?  Great.. the word prompt is ‘star’.

House of JewelZ - Dreamz of Babylon

Dream Big Ghazal
by Michael Romani

Growing up it seems every turn of the head
There was always someone following their stars and said - Dream Big

Didn't matter whether it was love, music, or building a rocket
All of those in the know would walk it and talk it - Dream Big

Telling me that I could do and be most anything
From a scientist to a poet to rock star who sings - Dream Big

But while everyone was trying to be so encouraging
Life passed by and it became a bit discouraging - Dream Big

You see, I could never decide who to be
Mostly lost in dreams, music and poetry - Dream Big

Now looking back, I knew I needed a locus
Something fixed on which I could focus - Dream Big

So, I tell my little girls to fix on their North Stars
And let that focus take the distance and as far - Dream Big

Dreaming is mostly meant for the nighttime
I've come to learn through force that's the right time - Dream Big

But never let anything or anyone
Get in their way or say just when they're done - Dream Big

Each of them born with talents that I love to encourage
And if I can I'll instill them with the needed courage - Dream Big

It took Edison 10,000 times to create a proper filament
That worked correctly just as it was meant - Dream Big

Babe Ruth was known as the Home Run King
Nobody knows how many times the fat lady would sing - Dream Big

I think all of these things after I sing them to sleep
So many promises that I wish I could keep - Dream Big

And now all I want to be is to be their doting father
Who says most the right things and loving my daughters - Dream Big

(c) February 12, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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