Parallel Parking Haibun

Poem A Day #5 has the Haibun as it’s form.  The word prompt is ‘parallel’.  That led to some creative thinking on my part.  What does one write about with parallel.. geography or basic driving….

“A Haibun = a prose poem + a haiku

Prose poems are poems written as the name implies, without line breaks found in most poetry. Prose poems often:
* Are image rich
* Tell a story or have characters
* Make every word count
* Make full use of poetic devices such as metaphors, symbolism, repetitions and rhythms, etc.
In short, while a prose poem looks like prose, it reads more like poetry.

A haiku is typically three lines with a specific number of syllables in each line.
Line one: 5 syllables
Line two: 7 syllables
Line three: 5 syllables

Combining these two forms can make for some powerful writing!

Haibuns often describe journeys, external or internal. They often take place in natural settings. They can capture a significant moment. They can tell a story or have dialogue.
They can be realistic or surreal.

The relationship between the prose and the haiku is important. Think of it as the juxtaposition of two elements that brings a greater meaning to the whole, not just two pieces of poetry stuck together.
* The prose is not an explanation of the haiku. It should add to the depth to our experience of the haiku
* The haiku is not a linear continuation of the prose. It should add meaning to the prose.

A simple Haibun will have one paragraph of prose and one haiku at the end. The haiku can appear before the prose. Or the prose can be sandwiched between two haiku. In a longer haibun, larger prose sections can be broken up, usually thematically, by a haiku in one or more places.”

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Parallel Parking Haibun
by Michael Romani

Life it seems is a journey that sometimes strains.  At better 
times, it seems to be almost seamless. Those are the times 
when everything falls into place.  But, it's these times that 
challenge us that make us most grow. 

There are times when we have to just trust the flow and 
where things go right into place.  It's a bit of faith 
based on experiences.  But until we learn to have faith 
and base judgment on that we limit ourselves.

My teen years well spent
As these were surfing daily
Left some strange blank spots

Sometimes we learn lessons needed on our own.  In better 
times, we are guided and the learning comes easier.  One 
such time was when I moved from the Islands to the Mainland 
in my late teens There was little cause to learn to parallel 
park in a less  opulated easier paced space that I spent most 
of my time.  Thank goodness and thank God for my cousin, 
Tania, who took  the time to help me figure these things out.

Parallel parking
Seems like blind faith in action
Until you nail it

(c)  February 12, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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