An Elegy To Common Sense

Poem A Day #11 is to be an elegy.  The word prompt is ‘black hole’.

Milkwood’s definition of elegy is limited to the following.  I would argue that the person who wrote the notecard needs to revisit this.  I have taken the broader approach below.  But, for now.. the definition given:

“An elegy is a poem of grief and praise. It doesn’t require any specific rhyme or meter.
But then there’s elegiac stanza, a quatrain in iambic pentameter. Short and sweet.
So, Elegiac stanza has that short form, but elegy can be free verse or any structure you choose, so long as it has certain elements…”

“The elements of a traditional elegy mirror three stages of loss. First, there is a lament, where the speaker expresses grief and sorrow, then praise and admiration of the idealized dead, and finally consolation and solace.”

Again, my argument is this artificially confined and I do not agree…

Sapiens - Countiing the Infinite

An Elegy To Common Sense
by Michael Romani

Old hat as a patriot in these times
Semi okay with things passing as victimless crimes
I am, however, not given to pretense
Or, even close to surrendering common sense

I've never been one to accept attitude
Nor, am I accepting of ill-considered platitudes
So, I'll shed the black hole of rejecting a border fence
As something just short of entirely dense

No borders equal no native country
And opening the gates to despotism
Here in my beloved land of liberty
This is more than progressives versus conservatism

It is those proud to be American
Versus those who wish us to exist no more
It is the many who do and still can
Versus the elite who wish servants from the poor

A porous border is surely bad enough
Now the elite wish to play blindman's bluff
While convincing their followers to forget the past
And to forget the history of countries that didn't last

The cardinal rule of statesmen
Is that of securing national defense
A primary principle just as much now as then
So I, for one of many, support a border fence

Legal immigration built this nation
And the rule of law remains our destination
It isn't immoral or wicked discrimination
But what is necessary for the health of our nation

I am not prepared to give common sense its elegy
I have sworn an oath to protect my country
From enemies both foreign and domestic
And even unto my death, I will defend it

Be the enemy, drug lords, MS 13, or terrorists
Or even reckless rich folk playing globalists
There is nothing better to quench my patriotic thirst
Than to live or die always putting America first

(c) February 16, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Sundarban - First Chair Trumpet




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