Living Memories of A Man Taking the Name of Chip Takacs

May you rest in peace, Mr. Michael Robert Taska!  Heaven has gained a mischieveous, wonderfully humored, good hearted musician for it’s honor guard band. While you walked among us, you made so many smile with happiness.

Always so ready with a nice gesture or kind word to all. Mahalo, brothe! I am sure that God has told you, “Well Done Good and Faithful Servant”. RIP May 12, 2019. This gentle but fun loving soul passed from our lives never to be replaced in the hearts and souls of so many of us.

Thank you for the memories, good times and compelling music! …. most important for the care that you gave so many of us….

Living Memories Memorial Garden - In Loving Memory of the Man Known as Chip Takacs

When standing at his gravesite in SL meant to be representative of the loving memories of so many us, I wrote him a little poem.  It doesn’t do the man justice, but all the same, here it is:

Live life as a prayer for the living
Always loving, ever forgiving
Sing your songs with full intention
Not one of contrivances of convention
Play your jokes with full and well meaning
You’ll be remembered as a human being
Worthy of love and beyond all compare
Who has lived a life with original flair
These are the things learned from you
I think you’d have loved this beautiful view
So until that day we meet again, my friend
I will keep in mind that this is not the end
Hoping to keep your life alive in memory
As a beautiful child in God’s beloved family

(c) February 23, 2019 Michael Romani
All Rights Freely Given

Aloha, Chip and Mahalo for all you accidentally taught me on purpose

Living Memories Memorial Garden - In Our Memories - Chip Takacs

Further memorialization of this gentleman’s life may be found here:…

-[Dru (Drutim Bates)] YouTube Tribute to [Chip Takacs] on his Youtube page


“Hello friends…. Today I posted the tribute to Chip at Stanza (2-15). First, visit my Youtube page … Then select “Chip Takacs tribute at Stanza” from the playlists. :)”

Living Memories Memorial Garden -Live Life As A Prayer for the Living





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