Secular Ideal

To hear the communists and socialists tell it the 20th Century must have been the advent of civilization as they and the secularists strove to drive God out of the public square and it was sheer coincidence that it was the bloodiest century to date in humanity’s history.   Every reasonable person knows that we shouldn’t base morality on God, right?  Right.. the exact opposite of what I believe…

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Secular Ideal
by Michael Romani

To hear the words that secularists detail
One must believe that history reveals
That the Godless rule better than believers
But instead history shows them as deceivers

Unintentional though it may actually be
But all the same victims of that misery
That can only be self-inflicted without meaning
Ignoring the sanctification of all human beings

Believing themselves lovers of truth though not
They lock themselves up in their dogma forgot
Strong in their belief in mankind's wisdom 
Ignorantly stewing in the illusions to come

As the war to end all wars only led to more
And all the efforts at equality shut the door
The door of opportunity become as divinely meant
A shrewd discourtesy from difficulties lent

To these self deceptive riskers of our doom
Deafness is the striking chord of pending gloom
A look at the 20th Century spells it out
Millions dead as we killed off God in our doubt 

(c)  February 26, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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