Fixed Focus

Based in part on 1 John 3:

Caelestium Isle - Focused Altar of Devotion

Fixed Focus
by Michael Romani

Having learned that I cannot serve
More than the one that I deserve
Defining the character of Christianity
Far exceeds any pride or vanity

It is the four letter word of love
That brings us closer to God above
The sort of thing that brings push to shove
But always closer to God above

We must hold God above all other things
Living this despite what the day brings
Understanding the totality of this significance
Though sometimes we put aside its relevance

Worse still is how we forget to love each other
Missing out on doing right for one another
Focusing on all the wrong things to work it out
Keeping us shaken in whirlpool of misguided doubt

Signaled virtues miss the major point
That there is no scripture that will anoint
Anyone to speak in worldly unkindness
Though so many forget this in blindness

Love for God is the same love of our brother
Demonstrated in how we treat one another
Though some might seek this in some mystical other
It's as simple as simple does to your brother

To love God properly, open wide your eyes
To know that to love one another is no surprise
Plainly and clearly stated on the Bible's pages
Written there in no uncertain passing stages

But it applies to one and to all with divine power
This is the way to live in our every single hour
Keeping this command close to our inner heart
And to never, ever let this focus begin to depart

Looking out onto the world with God's eyes
We know that to serve others is the only reply
That will ever allow us any sense of satisfaction
Without stepping up to take needed action

Prayers and thoughts are good but not enough
When the things gone through are really tough
Instead it takes that moment to lend a hand
That is if you're going to do what God commands

Words are cheap and in bountiful supply
And not enough to look God straight in the eye
Remember that love is as love takes time to do
This is the truth of it for me and for you

Love's defining characteristic is soul sacrifice
The moment of giving that has but to suffice
Laying down one's very life if it must be
This is the price of fulfilling our sanctity

(c) March 10, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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