Tea Leaf Sarabande

A sort of a kitchen sink sort of a poem… or maybe more of a tea cup’s worth of observations….

Chevreaux Chateau & Restaurant - Cuppa Hot Tea Waiting On My Lady

Tea Leaf Sarabande
by Michael Romani

Reading future in leaves of tea
Broken lines filled with symmetry
Trolls they say prefer the solitary
But even this can prove contrary

Two paths walked as one
Shimmered shadows come undone
Forked into ways of destiny
Indecision gets the best of me

Ghost stories pointing to the way
Of keeping magic sacred in our day
What was once is still now
Yet, that's okay, I feel, somehow

There's really nothing but the present
Each moment to be lived and not resent
Hoping to get home before the storm breaks
Seeking that shelter from our heartaches

Facing down our ghosts by firelight
Sitting here happy with you tonight
I seek forgiveness from your eyes
Seeking our bridge back not alibis

Bewitching in this trembled hour
I find myself enchanted in your power
Circles danced beneath torch light
There in the radiance that shines so bright

A child's game or perhaps more
There upon the lake's shore
Whispers of forget me not
Remind me of things that are forgot

Like promises made and made to keep
I've never known a willow not to weep
Dread falls upon the naked heather
In the weightlessness of the weather

What once was is now again
As though in a dream we awaken
The sunrise catches the craggy peak
Speaking words we cannot speak

How do we find our way back
To the certainty that we now lack
I offer you the grip of my strong hand
You give me yours and silently understand

(c) March 11, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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