Things I’m Learning From You

Dedicated to all those I like and love however imperfectly…

Theater On the Hill - An Irish Celtic Evening - Moondoll and I Talking Too

Things I'm Learning From You
by Michael Romani

I've long sought my authenticity
Pursuing it with great integrity
Only to find that in the much I believed
I was too often soul deceived

On my road to sweet Calvary
I left a checkered past as my history
Filled with hurt, indecision and pain
Telling myself it was all the more to gain

I was offered answers that no one knew
And then I was no different to you
I was offering answers I didn't know
Mostly unaware of just how deeply it would show

But, I did this with great sincerity
Always seeking ever deeper clarity
Never realizing the best that I'd ever give
Was in teaching you how to forgive

You called me Monkey just to make me laugh
At first it felt just like some kind of gaffe
But as my smile grew, I fell deeper into you
And from there, our love grew as it grew

Your words of love touched me deep
I found myself promising that which I'd keep
You always so very close to me
Let sleepless nights become our legacy

Playing twenty questions of intimacy
Until the crack of dawn's incendiary
Waking there in the clear of the morning sun's eyes
Every moment cherished as it's own surprise

Pajama parties inside played in minds
Memories we'll never leave behind
And so now two begin to grow into one
Or, at least so it seems we've begun

(c) March 12, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Midnight Dream - Learning To Read the Signs

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