Hello Brother

Hatred stokes the fear that burns across our world in random outcroppings of rage and destruction.  That being said, to take away the people’s right to bear arms and defend themselves seems like an ill thought out consequence, Madam Prime Minister…In doing so you have only left those with bad intentions armed and the decent folks waiting to be victims.

Dolce Amore Beach - Bamboo Hideout

Hello Brother
by Michael Romani

Hello brother
He greeted
The man with the gun
Offering peace
Offering love
Offering another
Another way of being
Another way of seeing
And was as quickly done
God grants his release

Hello brother
Can we walk awhile
Maybe find reason to smile
Please put away your hate
You know it's not too late
I see that you know pain
I know it makes you insane
Maybe we could just talk
If you'd only come and walk
And put it away and wait

A fascist hating the different
Another man being reverent
One of them not really there
Filled with disdain and fear
The other fully awake and present
One with heart and ears
The other only with his fears
It might have ended differently
The world whispers reverently
But, it didn't...

(c)  March 16, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Havenhollow 2017 - Graveyard Rotunda Memories




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