The Last Days of Death

Regard well the moments of your life and never disregard a chance given to tell someone you care about or who needs an encouraging word those things that you might say to make their world better.  You never know when you might not have the chance again.  That’s all I am saying…

Maison de L’amitie Revisited -On A Winter's Day

The Last Days of Death
by Michael Romani

Death it seems, exceeding all of our dreams,
Has become seen as just another technicality
No mere promise of rainbows and moonbeams
We may just escape this in the 21st Century

We humans have quite the iron clad legacy
With death near defining our known frailty 
Science, however, is edging on the capability
Or removing these constraints of mortality

No longer a matter of living rushing here
Only to just rush off to some other there
Time itself is and will become redefined
As our lives, step by step, become realigned

A world without death will surely change our views
In all the many ways and things that we value
All of this comes as we learn to grow into ease
All of these little deaths that we know as disease

Thinking back to the not so distant days of 1905
A man my age would be entirely blessed to be alive
Today all things are becoming seen as technicality
In overcoming all of these, we reshape our biology

What will the Grim Reaper find to do now
When this becomes our truth somehow?
There will soon come a day, he may no longer tap
Will he himself find it's time to take that nap?

We fight and find a way to extend our expiration date
Pushing to stay young as long as it's not too late
Even Google has joined hands in this fight against death
It's a good fight fought until our last breath

The mantra resolves better to live than to die
And no sensible person dares ask and question why
And while it seems there is good what then of equality?
That is when only some can buy their way into immortality...

(c)  March 18, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Enchanted Winter - On A Winter's Day



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