Darkness Into Light

Some folks have a dark side to them… some of us like to write about them..

Freedom Gospel Church - To Shine Like A Candle In the Gathering Darkness

Darkness Into Light
by Michael Romani

Some prefer the cool and dreamy
Some more like the dark and steamy
Some push to the extreme
However, pleasant it may seem

All of this to conquer fear
All of this to vanquish tears
Finding refuge in the blood
Putting away clean boots for mud

Something there uncivilized
Something there remains reviled
Death comes to all defiled
All of this somehow reconciled

There is darkness within
Something deeper than mere sin
Slaves we are to our passion
We ask not for compassion

The gloves remind us to not
Itch the things we've forgot
Who wants to know our sin
Who even knows where to begin

There's a stillness to the night
There's a stillness that isn't right
All the quietness that serves to remind
Of all those things we'd left behind

There's a darkness in the knight
We wish banished by morning's light
There's a darkness in our sight
That curses boldly at the light

Each tomorrow brings a new day
Each tomorrow coming in its own way
We lift the veil of our secrets to no one
Least our innermost souls come undone

(c)  March 19, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Baja Isles - Long Walk Off  A Short, Dark Pier



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