Duality Revisited

Imagine a conversation between Dr. Jeckyll and Dr. Frankenstein on their lifework…

Origami -  See No Evil; Hear No Evil; Speak No Evil.... Have No Life?

Duality Revisited
by Michael Romani

In the duality 
That we are
There's an active pull
Never in equality
Out of balance just so far
Trampled by the running bull

Somewhere in the midst of
Good and evil
Dark and light
Hatred and love
Modern yet primeval
As day is to night

These are the things
That make us afraid to touch
Caught up in this in-between
Whatever our life song brings
Sometimes a bit too much
For purity an less than obscene

This is what I've come
Come to find and believe
Is the truth of all of this
In the mutuality of our kingdom
We dress in truth to deceive
Or, is there something here that I miss?

(c)  March 19, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

University of Kentucky - Duality of Aspiration and Wisdom




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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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