A Prayer For the Healing

No use whining about life’s complications really, right?  So let me just encourage everyone to love when they can and cry when you feel it’s needed. Keep your hearts open and find that bit of truth that works to make you feel warm and loved and know that we are all  precious in God’s eyes… no matter what I might otherwise say. 😉

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A Prayer For the Healing
by Michael Romani

Trust and believe and surrender
Giving up being tough for tender
It seems to go against the grain
As I sit here with my Western brain

Holding too tight to my emotion
Failing to trust my body's devotion
Too many harms we do to us
With a steady diet of just because

There's an epidemic of sickness
That has hit our world with quickness
I have lived with such pain and being frustrated
That I openly joke that it's overrated

The ocean breaks on an uneven shore
As I pray that there might be something more
Knowing and trusting that there is a feeling good
Deeply wishing that I simply understood

In this world filled with angst and fear
While once strong, I wish only to persevere
Remembering back to the magic of my mother's kiss
That with Band-Aid in hand made all hurts desist

Praying for all with that wish to heal
The body's capacity waits to reveal
The thoughts we have, have their influence
The health we have is its confluence

The power that has made my body
Is the same power that will heal my body
In that intelligence to which we surrender
Learning true strength comes in being tender

Here in this dark night of my tortured soul
It is here that I begin again to take control
Part by part to piece together its construction
I will find my way past my unintended destruction 

(c)  March 21, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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