The Very Best of Something

Out there in the Hundred Acre Woods, there are a lot of tales to be told.  Some happy and filled with joy.  Some are bittersweet such as the feelings that come at childhood’s end…

Also, In the Hundred Acre Woods

The Very Best of Something
by Michael Romani

Picnicking in a hundred acre wood
Life should always be this good
Rich in our childhood's memory
The bits and pieces from our family

All the helloes and all the goodbyes
All the smiles and a quite a few cries
As thought of by the heart originally
But always gets the very best of me

A little sendoff at childhood's end
When at long last we say so long to friends
Some very real; others somewhat imaginary
But, all of whom seem our best family

Bouncy and trouncy in our enthusiasm
Best given foot in our optimism
It's best to tackle life head on
While keeping a little place for those gone

Holding on to those days of yesteryear
Where nowhere was our favorite place held dear
A pot full of honey could not be so sweet
As those who have made our lives complete 

A little something to keep dreaming
A montage of images that keep streaming
The thing liked best is do nothing at all
But to sit here talking as childhood falls

Nothing beats a daydream shared by two
Especially when that daydream is me and you
There's just no question that doing nothing
Often leads to the very best of something

(c)  March 21, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Haunted Cantana  -Tears of Avalon


A song suggested by a new friend.  Odd reaction from me, a pretty and innocent song bringing tears to these eyes of mine.   Hoping that Loggins & Messina won’t mind me sharing this beautiful song they wrote so many years ago.  It somehow seems truly appropriate.




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