First Reasons Lost

What becomes of our individual worlds when our first reasons are lost?

Greg's Bar - It's A Snow Globe World

First Reasons Lost
by Michael Romani

First reasons have been lost
And with that loss comes a cost
The giving up when it becomes
Too much to be more than numb

Reaching out then lashing out
Locked up miracles, confused as doubt
Crying out to those who cannot hear
Being brave enough for those who fear

Life becomes its own inquisition
Flexible in its open ended requisition
At the end of a rope still falling
Listening to all the voices calling

If we might just be here for each other
Like the good Lord says, loving one another
Accusations and lies will start to shatter
Into all those things we know really matter

This world is all extreme and too demanding
Needing bits of compassion and understanding
A little love might go a long, long way
Or, at least, get us through our busy days

Opening my doors of missed perceptions
Kept open enough in my self conceptions
Imagined as if this is all there is to real
Closed eyes see what true light reveals

The gray waters drown out my sorrow
Always praying for a better tomorrow
As snow falls with cold winter's calling
Trapped in dreams and always falling

It is not easy to rid us of our nightmares
Distant voyages beyond our concealed snares
Self inflicted until we fear we'll drown
Daring the cold as we go down and down

Brave souls stand strong, sometimes alone
Our firmest truths engraved in heart's stone
Slip stream consciousness is always there
As we hold our breaths past the point of clear

This is the escape from the lures of power
There in the lonely feeling of the teaching hour
One step beyond the dark night of the grave
Where only eternal memory can serve to save

Taken sight to prevent the bleak of seeing
All horrors that come to often for human beings
In this world lost without our first reason
The world turns revered in all of its seasons 

(c)  March 25, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The World of Magic - Dream To Live

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