Seeking the Face of God

Based in part on Psalms 27:8:

Paris 1900 - Stain Glassed Sacrifice

Seeking the Face of God
by Michael Romani

Thankful for being a child  of God
Dwelling in prayer, not finding it odd
But a place that knows my gratitude
Keeping this thought in my attitude

Seeking always to look into God's face
Welcomed there in His loving embrace
Talking in prayer about all family matters
Keeping this in mind and not in tatters

Eye contact helps us learn to see and thrive
Helping us do so much more than survive
It's there in all of the most important things
Focusing on the best of what God freely brings

Seeking God just to be inside His holy presence
Filled with meaning, love and fully effervescence
Pressing in ever closer and seeking His company
Learning what it means to walk in the Holy

Life is what it is and then we know it's more than this
It's something there that we know that we miss
God presents what we need in our every lesson
Given freely and given for our earnest attention

If we seek Him with all earnestness, it's not in vain
There's a freedom in this truth that will not constrain
But instead comes to release our tethered bounds
And there we shall find our peace as it resounds

Hearing from heaven as we walk truly forgiven
Walking in harmony and finally truly we are living
In His strength we find our own learning to breathe
Breathing in all the righteousness we can conceive

Going to church on Wednesdays and Sunday to live
But never getting beyond the message to forgive
Forgetting that God actually really does indeed exist
And in this indwelling we find that we must persist

There are four things that we must keep and hear
Keeping in mind that it's always there  in prayer
As we cling in prayer every single passing day
In so doing we keep in observance of Godly ways

With each morning waking, we need to acknowledge
Taking our truth out to the day's sleeping edge
Always aware of the truth of God's good presence
Thankfully full of blessings received in His essence

A hallelujah chorus joins in keeping daily thanksgiving
A daily encounter found in every verse read in giving
All the scriptures that are filled with God's nature
As we wean off milk and as Christians we mature

Jesus is the Word and that Word is the God we praise
May that always be walked and talked in our days
As The Word came to walk among us, Emmanuel
And in this knowledge may we always dwell

Clearing out the clutter that feels up our life
Keeping us from peace and filled with strife
To fill up our life with God, we need to un-clutter
Dragging our lives out of the spiritual gutter

Over idolizing things instead of our spirituality
Though functionally aware of the eventuality
That we all have a need to be in God's presence
If we are to be still and filled with His loving essence

Always turning our eyes toward Him and center
Focused on the holiness that we might enter
A bit of heaven right here on our sacred ground
Blessed in His company as we are found

(c)  March 25, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Paris 1900 - Mary, Did you Know?




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