Finding Heart’s True Home

Based in part on Acts 13:22:

Grauland -Tide Poolin'

Finding Heart's True Home
by Michael Romani

Living life hoping for a little dignity
Depending on His not my priority
Putting that which matters to him
Above my desires and my whims

All of these thing are at my foundation
To build my way toward His destination
I am learning to love as He loves us all
Heeding my best as best that I can recall

Secondly, to love my neighbor as my self
To study His word in my life not from a shelf
It's a life long commitment and connection
Always heading in the right and true direction

He or she who will do God's will is who is still
And comes to live out our best in this ordeal
Every single person that we meet on the street
Matters to God and we should always greet

As a sister and brother, whatever they endure
God's love is the truest and best sort of cure
The Shepherd will leave the 99 to save that one
Saving the least of these is His Will be done

Starting there, remember we are here to serve
The richest of all duties is what we deserve
If among us, we wish in full heart to be great
We must indeed pursue a servant's humble fate

Asking not so much what God will do for me
But what I might do for God's house sincerely
Using my talents and abilities to serve others
To the betterment of all my sisters and brothers

Each of us has a path which we must attend
Each of us stumbled by obstacles we contend
Becoming the person God means us to be
Transforming into the best you and best me

(c) April 7, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

God's House of Prayer - Spring Time Evening




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