If We Would Wish To Heal

Playing a bit of catch up from yesterday in that my life changed dramatically and not for the better, I am combining the sixth day of Na/GloPoWriMo’s goal of a poem about if and the woulds, coulds, and shoulds of life with a poem about continuing to learn a new approach toward wellness.  It’s a little hard to write right now as my soul is far from any center of balance.  But sometimes the only way is through and not around.

Grauland -Grated Palaron

If We Would Wish To Heal
by Michael Romani

What is it that you would
Do that would be more than you should?
To walk back from the negative toward good
That is, I mean, if you only could?

Embracing the bravery and spirituality
Even when it has proved past my capability
You see, it remains more than true
That I am afraid to die without peace with you

I need to feel that miracle inside 
The you gave me and I wanted to ride
To the better me that I know I can be
If only, you'd believe still in the best of me

The power of belief is almost everything
It's the universal melody that I long to sing
The toggled switch back to a place of rest and repair
Away from those things that served to impair

There is a biology there in our belief
That gets us past places of harm and grief
What selects the choice made by our cells
Is how our environment effect our genetic Book of Kells

Consciousness interprets our very perceptions
Making the world a matter more of interpretation
The subconscious absorbs all that surrounds
In doing this, it decides what emotions will abound

Our reactions become our triggers of drama
How we get past these inform our trauma
If we can learn better ways of interacting
We can move forward instead of always reacting

If we can learn to turn and face our shadows
We can outgrow fear, put away ignorance and grow
The problem is the portal of our very perceptions
Recognition of this will get us past life's deceptions

Most of us walk through life somewhat apathetic
Stemming from earlier experiences of feeling pathetic
Or, at least this is true among the walking wounded
Who haven't figured this out and how the world has colluded

Self images that need the deepest healing
If only we are ready and find ourselves willing
If only I might ask for help to overcome
I and we might move toward becoming less numb

Closed off to all that we know that we should
And if instead we give ourselves permission we could
Create the spaces needed to gain true awareness
Of how our disease manifests and become our barrenness

The barrenness of a lifetime's massed accumulation
That lead to diseases we know as our destination
If we want to decrease dis-ease from our within
We must increase our peace either now or then

(c) April 7, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Grauland -Spheres of Negativity Seen Through the Crack




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