All My Little Fails

Sometimes even I’m amazed at mistakes that I make.  Have you ever had moments when you  just want to fall on your knees and pray that God doesn’t give up on you cause you’re a step away of giving up on yourself?

Light Thoughts 3 - Struggle

All My Little Fails
by Michael Romani

All of the little fails
Of my complexity
Lost in the private Hell
Of my social anxiety

Believing that everyone
Sees that I'm not good enough
Feeling a more than half alone
And unwilling to play the bluff

I find my way though blind
Half convinced the world is unkind
When you were here you brought your smile
Making every moment worth while

It's funny that while you're forgetting me
I remember your presence so sublimely
That I finish a poem that I started days ago
When having you felt like the end of my rainbow

It's overwhelming in this rush of pain
No longer certain that I'm quite sane
I fall on my knees again and again
Praying for my lost soul now as then

I see the pain that I've caused you
And that you won't let it go will you
I have apologized nine times now
And yet that's not enough somehow

You tell me that I am nothing but fake
And you can't believe that my heart breaks
I'll tell you a tenth time, I am sorry
Please know this and forgive me

Still, I understand that you don't
And I see from your words that you won't
I have failed you and in doing that
I have failed me, it's just a fact

(c) April 8, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Poetry . Art and Writing on SL - Tunnel of Projection II



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