A Response To Naysaying Pill Pushing Slashers and Gassers

Na/GloPoWriMo Day 8’s challenge is to use the slang and jargon of a profession.  It sort of runs in opposition of my day to day job’s admonishment to avoid jargon in favor of the familiar.. but who am I to question, right?  I chose the medical profession in England’s jargon and chose to use it in a story form…

Kanaloa -Better Days Bluez

A Response To Naysaying Pill Pushing Slashers and Gassers
by Michael Romani

It was a moment of arrested development
When the patient refused a decision for no trial 
Still, feeling a sense of dread's envelopment
He would not give up and yet was not in denial

The doctors spoke of circling the drain
Being called normal for Norfolk caused some strain
Still, it remained his well stated belief
That perhaps it was the time for some TEETH

It wasn't much of a shocking discovery
To find the pill pushers diminished hope for recovery
No one had ever accused him of acute pnuemoencephalopathy
Nor was Acute Thespian Syndrome his cited pathology

So being unready to leave his so called life behind
And certain as he was that no one would mind
The patient set himself off in a direction
Certain it couldn't hurt to try his mind-body's connection

(c)  April 8, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Kanaloa - Curve of the Lip







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