A Pillow’s Talk of Things

The ninth day of Na/GloPoWriMo is based on the lists found in Sei Shonagon’ s The Pillow Talk.  As the hour has grown later than I had hoped and only just recently finished a show along with a late dinner and thinking on things that perhaps I have no right to do, a decision needed to be made. Being not so imaginative when forced to write to someone else’s desires, I have decided to turn the book into a guide of lists for the things I think about someone very uniquely and deeply special to me wherever tomorrow may bring us.

Home, Sweet, Home - Home  With My Angel

A Pillow's Talk of Things
by Michael Romani

Despite the troubles that walk my way
All the confusions of my busy day
I find myself confiding in one heart
The one I hope will never, ever part

Especially delightful in her attitude
Finding my thoughts filled with gratitude
She fills my life with fruits of laughter
Chasing the clouds away here ever after

It has been this way since the first day
That she sat down beside me in her own way
Sharing a poet's moment in words shared
And from that moment, I knew she has cared

By her grace, so many things have lost power
Like wanting to chase circles in endless hours
You might think in a thousand ways of diffidence
But she, in her love, has proven me the difference

Along our way, she has shared many adorable things
Like a tree house and the way she makes my heart sing
Looking at me nose to nose, lips to lips and eye to eye
This one woman has the solitary power to make me cry

She has the best ways of using her beautiful imagination
Constantly bringing to me some new sort of fascination
Playing games with rules that share the best intention
That she and I show each other respect and our attention

So that I know that it is only my own internal impression
That ever leads me to tears, upset and sad depression
I have seen countless times that she has our very best
In mind and heart and that is me who puts this to the test

And it is this knowledge about me that I very much hate
Vowing to conquer this beast inside before it's too late
The tears that I have made her cry make me what to sigh
The worse of it is that there has been no good reason why

Startled by the sound of raindrops, my heart beats faster
Completely mesmerized and tantalized by this spell caster
Her enchantments have spun me ever increasingly deeper
And if she allows me to, I know that in my heart I will keep her

All our nights spent under a clear moon with fond memories
Of questions asked and played out under the coolest breeze
I feel as though I have known and loved her in lifetimes past
And that in this lifetime, I want and need our love to last

There in all the delightful things that she gives and brings
Are the things that make my soul rise up to swoon and sing
Her voice, her smile, her words are increasingly entwined
In all of the very best of me or so I constantly find

I look at my lady love awkwardly and yet with best intention
Giving her some times the best and some times worse rendition
Watching her purity as clean as a sparkle on the water
Knowing that she surely is beloved and precious as God's daughter

And this makes all my life a very good and precious thing
Until that inner beast in me has it's turn in what it brings
Sadly I despise myself at times knowing that it is her grace
That saves us time after time as I look at the love on her face

(c)  April 9, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - The Moment You Know Where Your Home Really Is





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