Catch & Release

Am I alone in seeing that the world has its moments of understated brilliance?

Memorial to Operation Enduring Freedom -  War .. What It is It's Good For

Catch and Release
by Michael Romani

Writing to write, so it seems
Is often the child of unknown dreams
Miscast, recanted or fully embraced
The soul of a writer is often disgraced

Laid barren as its sort of super power
Each story is a blossom uniquely in flower
Mastering the discipline of a Shaolin fighter
Early days and late nights spent on typewriter

Looking to the skies as air becomes fire
The affect is elemental and filled with desire
Every word reflecting the resemblance of things done
Contrasting differences between the many and the one

Taken in singular, standing out in the crowd
One quiet whisper lays mysteriously loud
Speaking above the ashes in native resilience
An indestructible blink of understated brilliance

There in the limbo zone of impossibility
Are the horrors of things seen in reality
Things that are never meant to be seen
Leaving the survivors scooped to half human beings

These are the truths seen through that door
Where the inhumanity of man at war
Plays out in its continuous loop
That demands to be spoken of out on the stoop

Jump cuts and freeze frames tell the story
Of times when only fools speak of glory
A high wire throat clearing of self announcement
Shatters the silence with each pronouncement

And so it goes with the shifting voltage of phrase
Knowing beyond knowing that each life is lived in phase
Sometimes life comes at you in straight deadpan
Reality teaches its lessons forming the man

Scripture and physics form the best of each
As we grasp from life what it might teach
Shattered until we learn to dwell in the pieces
A divine light shines as the Fisherman catches and releases

(c) April 9, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Warzone - An Echo of Guardians




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