An Obsession of Shadow

The challenge for the 13th day of Na/GloPoWriMo is to write something spooky or somewhat creepy.  To me, there is maybe nothing more creepy than the shadowed, dark side of human nature.

Haunted Swamp & Hunt - From Under A Shadowed Moon

An Obsession of Shadow
by Michael Romani

Hiding in the shadows where it's safe
The others nearby are not so safe
I flee as I kill as the Wolf of God
Across the many land that I have trod

Leaving a savaged trail of blood
Boots caked with mire including mud
Notes scribbled on my obsession
Manifested darkness lacking compassion

All of the villains and anger without blame
Troubled babbles uttered without name
Palm read as if doing so reveals all
Even the tiniest secrets you wish not to recall

Building ships that were never meant to sail
Memories lost within nuances of sacred detail
It's like a ghost walking through the room
Madness returns refreshed yet hidden in the gloom

We mortals walk as both angel and as beast
The world demands and we become the least
Burying the lust and avarice just below
Never daring to reveal what the world shouldn't know

If you can't endure the nightmare, don't sleep
If you can't embrace the tears, don't weep
Some of us have walked this for a lifetime
It's not lost on us that this is the worse crime

We need not live on the sway of the fulcrum's swing
Instead we can live fully with the scorpion's sting
There in the intimate secrets of bio-electricity
We can unlock the choir of Lucifer's eccentricity

All men, or most men, live as slaves to their desire
Pursuing this until our souls are licked by Hell's fire
Rising up for the suffrage of pushing for a better living
More's the pity, it seems, that life so unforgiving

(c)  April 13, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA4  - No Life Without Art - Toxic Shadow




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