Music Like Ideas

Post-Punk was a thing right?  😉  See if you can tell which band this poem alludes to if you can.  Might be fun.

Arcane Spellcaster: Ak-Creations- Shadow Danciing

Music Like Ideas
by Michael Romani

Coming from a time when
Music sounded like ideas
It was a maxim of then
That life should be more than showbiz

In all  of its monumental severity
The sun shone its searing light
Resting on the laurels of near history
Joy's division filled the night

It's a cold dark matter
To quietly observe the integration
As all of our illusions shatter
Shed in the moments of disintegration

Alien shards of smithereens
Complexities called human beings
Post-Industrial provocations
Are primeval in our incantations

Dimensional slippage turns to fixation
In the blips and echoes of otherness
It's a cold architecture of fascination
Felt like rituals of space, chilled and cavernous

Like all music, it's a hope of folk music
Like all music, it is a type of folk music
Less heard than sonorously felt
Deep inside layers of a post-modern melt

(c)  April 13, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SR Redemption  - The Age of Man




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