Thought For the Day: The Equality Act Threatens To Erase Protections That Benefit Women and Society By Removing the Protected Category of Sex

“Clearly this is a historic and momentous occasion when women on the left and right have put aside differences to come together on behalf of all women. … The Equality Act threatens to erase protections for women — protections that benefit women and society as a whole. Legislative and policy ‘reforms’ proposed in this dangerous bill will lead to blatant violations of our safety, privacy, and dignity. … If the Equality Act succeeds in making ‘gender identity’ a protected class under federal law, it will erase the protected category of ‘sex,’ which for decades has been the foundation for securing the rights and opportunities of women and girls in the United States. Under a policy of unrestricted self-identification of ‘sex,’ such as the act proposes, a man can simply say he is a woman, and everyone must act as if this is true. … Pay attention to the powerful message conveyed by our united purpose in opposing this bill.  Simply put: If Americans, activist organizations, and our representatives in government genuinely want to prevent discrimination against women and girls, they cannot erase the legal recognition of sex as biologically male and female. As women, CWA and WoLF stand united to protect ourselves and all women and girls from the injustice of the so-called Equality Act.” WoLF board chair Natasha Chart and CWA CEO Penny Nance

It doesn’t take much in the way of discernment to see that if someone might claim to be transgendered and is allowed to compete on an unlevel playing field, all the rights that women have struggled so hard to obtain are eradicated by this.





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