Cultivating Kindness III

The Lord shows His kindness is His Yes, His No and His Wait.  All things that happen, happen with purpose.  It’s important in our growing to consider this perspective no matter how personally unsettling things get or are.

House of Prayer - Gathered In His Name

Cultivating Kindness III
by Michael Romani

However hard, God keeps to His promise
In no way ever given in to compromise
Always we find we will truly find
That what God brings to us is kind

His clear warnings to keep us from sin
Are His effort to keep us from darkness again
The privilege of our repentance
Is an awesome gift despite our reluctance

Lessons taught within His great expedience
Are meant to bring us back into obedience
God's love is one of both truth and discipline
Meant to walk us back from our moments of sin

Never leaving us; nor will He forsake
God's kindness is absolutely genuine; never fake
And so in our reflective moments of lifestyle
Are the binds of kindness shown with God's smile

Reminding us to practice kindness by our expression
Living as loving processing kindness and compassion
In all of our senses we find true to our experience
We are filled with love and shown great deference

Being that kind person that we are truly meant to be
Living with utmost integrity to our capability
Mistreated as we are at our darkest of times
We find kindness bring gifts of the sublime

It only takes one person to change a family
It only takes one family to change community
Finding the commotion in our tainted atmosphere
We find our way clear from things of fear

Seeking first to change our path toward kindness
Seeking, also, to find our way to our forgiveness
In the cross, we find the truest of kindness
And to this, we find our way from our human blindness

(c) June 6, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Second Life Israel - With God As Our Anchor




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