Disintegration Apology

As God reminds me often, I am indeed a work in progress.  I do my best to be a good or at least decent man.  But, I am fairly flawed, right?

Gilath -Flight Of A Centered Moon

Disintegration Apology
by Michael Romani

In the midst of my disintegration
I reached out seeking my integration
Lost up in images, thoughts and sounds
Caught up in the mystery that I had found

Like a kid in a fantasy candy store
I found myself wanting more and more
Now I have too many tear drops running down
I thought I was king and awoke with a jester's crown

Not sure this time if I'll make it back
Lost in this void and feeling the lack
Reaching out to what you tried to show me
All you had given when you didn't even know me

You're the love song I've wanted to write
The only true thing I needed to get right
Not sure about the wrong that I did
But, my love for you, I never kept hid

I am so sorry for failing you
It's something I never wanted to do
With a look of hope, I try to make it up to you
If somehow I can, that's what I'll do

(c) June 9, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Digital Art - Time Is On Your Side




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