To Find Peace

Based in part on Book of Philippians 4:4-7 :

House of Prayer - Tree of Life Rejoiced

To Find Peace
by Michael Romani

This world is filled with turmoil
Where tempers find their boil
And peace is so hard to find
How did do we leave this behind
Finding peace in our ways
Guarding our hearts in these days

God's peace serves to always protect 
From all these things we do detect
No worries will overcome and prevail
For in God's peace we know all is well
This peace we live must be cultivate
When we follow this we come to emulate

Steps followed provide us the instruction
Always the truth in our education
Rejoicing in our sacred Lord always
Keeping our faith in all of our days
And all else will be added to us all
This comfort always there to recall

Letting our gentleness always be known
In all that we do and all we have shown
No need to reproof but instead to love
Sharing in the blessings from the above
Acting always with the ways of kindness
Shedding light in a world filled with blindness

Be anxious for nothing and set aside worry
Live life in each moment without hurry
All of life is in the palm of God's hand
Just love one another as God commands
All of our lives are in God's full control
Ours is but to trust and accept our roles

Whispering our needs to our Father
Praying to His ear and going no farther
There in that one on one communication
We have made our greatest supplication
All else needed is grateful in thanksgiving
And love one another always forgiving

(c) June 9, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - Prayerfully God's Children Listen




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