Truth of Journey

Life is often a little of little matters that make up the journey along the way:

Xibalba Mayan Underworld Dia de Muertos - The Journey Continues

Truth of Journey
by Michael Romani

Sing me a song from the days of olden
When life was laughter and so golden
Candlelight burns as the tale is told
When heroes were certain and bold

Shadowed passages show the way
To places that embrace and heroes stay
Even when wounded deep and worse in soul
A rebel's heart is not one for control

In the thick of battle is where he belongs
Where he remains the seeker and righter of wrongs
You cannot beat the necessity out of this man
His beats true even when his body no longer can

This then is the very fight we are given
Expected to equal and best the plight we live in
This is what life justly demands and does not ask
That each of us be equal to our given tasks

All of life indignities borne steadfast and true
Or at least with as much truth as surely will do
To carry us onward through life's perilous journey
Until we, at last, arrive at our final bit of destiny

(c) June 10, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA11:  -Mixtape Winter --At the End of Our Journey







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