Nuzzle and Nudge

Father’s Day is approaching.  Due to lack of funds, I’ve not seen the girls but twice since June 10 of last year.  We won’t even really get into the 73 times that the Court ordered telephonic visitation has been interfered with in this same year.  This seems a gross disparity of justice.  Yet, I love them more than life and always will.

Lea 19 - Art Rocket - Rocket Gates Arrival

Nuzzle and Nudge
by Michael Romani

Scissors, tape and imagination
A box cut cockpit in transformation
She found herself adrift in endless space
Just seconds away from my embrace

My gorgeous interstellar sailor would sail
With moonbeams and fairy dust that prevails
She subsists on chocolate given by her father
As I check in from time to time on my daughter

The things we do for that thing called love
Isn't it one of the best lessons from above
For every cradle that exists there is an altar
On that I dutifully pray at and will not falter

It's in these moments of utmost humanity
When I've managed to set aside my vanity
That I begin to realize all God gave at Calvary
And remember my role is to serve with humility

His death redeemed all his children without artifice
Trending in this manner ready in his sacrifice
We fathers, in turn, offer ourselves in being near
As we give bits of comfort and love truly sincere

Active engagement in nuzzle and playful nudge
Building fortresses of tomorrow that will not budge
This is what God has set out for each of us to do
If you have, then every day is father's day for you

(c)  June 11, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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